Eric G. Ochoa

Eric G. Ochoa was raised in Paramount, CA. His movie/TV influences include Jim Carrey, Will Smith and Marlon Brando. He attended Community College for 3 years, focusing on theater, acting, choir, dance, and improvisation courses. He earned his Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts. He is a multi-talented actor, singer, writer and director.

In 2007, Eric became involved with comedic videos, scripts, and ideas and uploaded them on Youtube from 2007 - present, with 185+ million total upload views and growing. He is most popular for his self-created Web-Series known as "Cholo Adventures" (The Adventure of two over-confident Chicano- Cholo teenagers "eGO and Sleepy Brown" who always manage to find themselves in trouble) and "You know you're Mexican if...".

In the fall of 2011, Eric held a cameo spot as his Cholo character in the feature film "Taco Shop." He helped raise $50,000 for the feature film "DREAMER", written by Jesse Salmeron to support and raise awareness for the DREAM ACT.

"High School Sucks - The Musical" is the first full-length feature film made by and for popular YouTube personalities to be distributed via the internet. Created by YouTube sensations Timothydelaghetto, Pedro Flores , Eric Ochoa, and Rick Carter (in post production).

Eric strives to become a role model to young Latinos and wants to eliminate the negative stigma many have against the Chicano Youth, with efforts in the comedic videos.